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Sonic Artistry Entertainment is the connection and development of relationships between artists & industry professionals. With an extensive network of industry professionals and quality entertainment, we represent some of the industry's premium services and brightest music stars. We are a friendly and transparent agency who work with artists, festivals, venues & corporate clients. We offer consultancy and quality entertainment to promoters & corporate while also nurturing up & coming artists through development & consultation. 

Promoters & Industry Professionals:-

We can offer everything from professional event management skills, sound and lighting production, studio production to performance's for festival, venue & corporate entertainment. Our musical taste's are broad but we always come back to the common goal of quality entertainment. If we don't have it on our roster then we can link you with the right people with our diverse partnerships and industry relationships.


We carefully nurture and develop our artists while allowing them to keep total artistic integrity. We find creative approach's to maximises exposure and create opportunities to make positive career direction in a very competitive field.


With years of experience under our belt, we work with some of the biggest names in the industry from artists, promoters, agents, managers & events. So if your looking for something professional or even a little different for your next event but with the quality assurance, then have a chat with us today. 

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